Sonntag, 19. März 2017

(HW) Five ways to recycle old clothes

According to a survey by Greenpeace Germany, only 21% of the questioned people throw their clothes into the trash, because they are broken beyond repair. The most popular reasons to get rid of them are stains/colour fading, because they don't fit anymore or simply because they are not after their owner's liking. I am going to share with you five alternatives to the trashcan, that can be a lot of fun but also extend the life of the pieces in our wardrobe - let's go!

  1. For items that (maybe hold sentimantal value but) have become boring - Fabric dye When I first discovered fabric dye, I was amazed by what magic it can do. I started, because my favourite colour - a dark, foresty green - seems to never hit the shelves of local clothing markets and I haven't stopped using it since. It is amazing what impace either refreshing a colour or entirely changing it (the later is more exciting!) can do to an old looking and slightly lifeless piece of fashion.

    Before and after of a gorgeous coat that I secondhand-scored and loved, but I really hated the colour and thus didn't wear it that often
  2. For items that are too plain for your taste - fabric paint  I can especially recommend this if you are of the artsy kind. Investing in one or two bottles of fabric paint (I recommend the Marabu metallic line for dark fabric, it ends up looking very neat; Boesner or Mastnak have them, if you are located in Vienna) gives you the freedom to really customize items and especially create something new.
  3. For items that are just plain ugly - donate / sell /swap Either you can earn a little extra by selling it (Willhaben, Kleiderkreisel,...), or drop it off at a local secondhand market or a donation box. These ways are also my favourite way to get new items for a reasonable price. Clothes-swap parties with friends are also recommendable - so much fun :)
  4. For items that are broken - repairing Taylor, s relative who can sew our you yourself try your best with stain removal or needle and thread.
  5. For items that are really broken - recycling Cutting it up to create a piece of cleaning cloth or making something entirely new from it (if you are gifted with the sewing maching) There are quite some tutorials on line how to turn an old piece of clothing into something new :)

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