Freitag, 15. September 2017

A busy week and something to indulge in~

As I'm getting ready for this weekend's LARP event (Paladins on tour thehe), sipping on one of my brews from my cauldron (this one is vibrant and yellow and oh so delicious and warming), I'm also taking some time to compose a blogpost. 

I've said in the past that I was going to get back into it more again and I mean it.
Yesterday has been a very intense picture-editing day, but I won't yet reveal what it is for; it shall be a bit of a surprise thehe. 
My computer had definitely decided to declare war on me, as it keeps randomly shutting down and restarting at random. I kind of suspect the power cable or unit, but I will have a closer look on it this week. 

Also my cat has been temporarily freed from his cone, but he is being watched for signs of ear-scratching, as the core cause yet remains. It is very good to see him lively and happy again though, and after a 2 hour cleaning session (he was slaying it), he kept chasing one of his toys around the house like a wee kitten. 

I also turned one of my glowing Silmarils into a nifty new (and hopefully more sturdy!) light for my Paladin, I will let you know if it survived the weekend and dangling from my belt as I charge into the hoards of the blight. 

Now I'm running around in my house like a crazy moose trying to gather everything I need and remember what I yet have to pack - Elfears: packed, fakeblood: packed, blood capsules: possibly at my man's already but let's check, ingame prayer book: definitely at my man's place, belt number 4: ooooh where are you? 
My makeup case is stuffed with everything I could possibly need to create nasty sfx wounds if needed, quite average for the warrior *nods*

But lastly I will share the recipe for one of my favourite nomsy (and healthy!) drinks to keep you warm during the cold months!



Milk of choice
tumeric powder
cinnamon (I like using the sticks, but for this recipe we assume you are using the powdererd kind)
optional: spices of your choosing! I love gingerbread mixes and ginger)


Measure your milk and gently heat on the stove in your cauldron. 
Stir in 1 small teaspoon of tumeric powder (per mug you are making), as much cinnamon as you enjoy, honey to taste and go wild with your other spices
I recommend to approach it like a crazy witch "A wee bit from this and a dash from that!"

Whisk it up to make sure the spices are blended in, then fill your mug and indulge in this yellow spiciness!~

Mittwoch, 13. September 2017

New design and a loss of pictures~

The crisp autumn air, twirling leaves and gnarly trees have been so inspiring!
It was about time to give my blog a wee upgrade, what do you think? *winks*
The new banner picture was taken by by Zem, when we did our photoshoot for Windalf

I also - much to my dismay - noticed that almost all pictures I have ever posted are gone, thanks to photobucket making their services private and thus an huuuuuuge editing-feast (......not) is ahead of me to re-upload every image to a new location and then re-link them to my posts. *takes deep breath* GAH.
Apologies for this inconvenience, I will try sort it out as soon as I can motivate myself (and take the time) to get on with this task. Mabye I'll watch some Outlander as I go, it should shorten the time working at least a tad.
The next days will be stuffed with editing things here and there anyways; so many ongoing projects!

Nifty piece of Viking bling for my little furmonster

I also created a gorgeous Mjölnir collar for my cat, who still is stuck with this nasty cone. Thought that some heathen power never hurts. *flexes*

Dienstag, 12. September 2017

Cutting your fingers off with half-swording

A while ago I uploaded a little sword practise video with some fancy video game moves and what people got upset about were not the super unrealistic Witcher-inspired pirouetting strikes, but me grabbing the blade and striking with the crossguard.

"You cannot hold a sword like that"
"You would cut your fingers off if you did that in reality"

Half-swording against Mordhau

Actually, this move is called a Mordhau, or "murder strike" in English and is a legit and very handy way to use a sword - here is why.
Swords are far more versatile than most people know. We are so used to seeing them just to be for hitting and stabbing (and for fancy moves that might look cool but are far from being efficient), that something like half-swording, where you grab your blade with either one or both hands, looks just downright wrong - but its not:
If you are facing an opponent in full steel plate, you can forget about hitting and thrusting with your sword - it is not going to do much (that's what armour is for) - you need more force to penetrate the armour at the weak parts.
Like this.

You can do that by either supporting the blade with one hand and then thrusting the tip into the weak parts of the armour, or by turning your weapon around and hitting with the crossguard or pommel like you would with a mace or hammer (which are pretty good at penetrating armour).

The art of war is about being inventive and adaptive and there is a reason the sword was amongst the more popular weapons - would you rather bring a basic-, or a utility knife when going out camping?

But its going to cut your fingers off
I think this comes mainly from people who have never held a real sword.
Understand, that a longsword is not a razor - it is sharp, but the edge is not thin enough to cause injury just by holding it very firmly.

You can either wrap your palm around the blade, leaving no pressure on the edge or just go for the full and firm grip - and no one will pull that sword out of your hands -  (besides, they would have to drop their own weapon if they wanted to seriously try which leaves them in grand disadvantage).
Think of a mace - who in the right state of their mind would even want to try catch that mid blow? A fool who is going to get their hands broken I think.

Some swords were even not sharpened the entire length to make half-swording even more comfortable, but even with a sharp blade, you don't really need gloves (I find them making one's grip less efficient).

What is your weapon of choice?~

Donnerstag, 10. August 2017

What if the non-vegan option is more sustainable? - Being a conscious consument can be so difficult.

Before I start I may want to leave the disclaimer, that I do not identify as vegan. I identify as someone, who tries to live as sustainable as I possibly can and be conscious about the products I consume. Let's just say, I identify as an Earth warrior :)

I greatly support movements, that go against animal cruelty and I've been a strict vegan for many years.

But in all this time, I still consumed products like leather, wool, honey - hear me out:

There are pros and cons about pretty much any material - ethical, ecological, sustainable - but when I see people getting 100% plastic shoes because they are cruelty-free, it does break my heart a little.
Although those cheap plastic shoes may not directly harm an animal as leather for example would, they still hurt the environment and indirectly the wildlife by they way how they are produced, short-lived they are and waste they create.

I have a bit of a medieval approach to clothing and everyday items: I have few things and wear them a lot - the most important factor for me is durability - does the thing look like it will still be usable in 5 years? What if it breaks down, does it seem like it would create a lot of toxines when being burned?

Most natural products last a whole lot longer than synthetic materials. If you get a pair of high-quality leather boots, they will probably last you for almost a lifetime, if you take good care of them - and the same goes for wool socks, etc. Plus: when they do go to waste, they can rot properly, unlike synthetic fibres that might be vegan, but I don't even want to know how much emission, immission and transmission they create during production and removal.
When I have the choice between one leather belt or 10 plastic ones, I'll immediately go with the first option. All the waste created by plastic items is painful to see.

The key is though, to not get said products at the well known and cheap stores, but pay a little more for actual quality and sustainability. If a leather belt only costs 10€, you can imagine, that a) the quality is not that supreme and b) it was probably manufactured in a way, that you do not want to support.

Honey is a completely different story that I am very passionate about - I think I'll dedicate a specific blogpost on that eventually (I was actually convinced I already had).

Sometimes I think it can be so easy to forget, that an animal-free choice is not always automatically the most environmental friendly one...
Instead of consuming local meat, I choose to eat fruit and vegetables that are not always so local, in order to still get the nutrients I need and thus it's still quite bad for the environment. Still I refuse to eat an animal based diets and accept, that eventhough I am doing a lot of good, I am also having a negative impact on the environment at the same time. No one is a saint when it comes to sustainability, but it is important to be educated on it and strive to improve.

My beauty products for example are 100% natural, zero-waste and cruelty free and the few items that come with a packaging are made from recycled material.

Of course everyone has their priorities set in a different way and that is completely fine, all I' saying is: think about it, before you buy or not buy something and then decide, what option you prefer personally - there is always a second side of the medal and we must not forget that.

Another great option in my opinion is to get leather or wool products from a local fleasmarket or in a thrift shop.

What is something that you think you could aim to improve? 

Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017

My little holy grail with acne~ | Natural, no-waste, cruelty-free and SO effective!

Today I'm writing about something a little different, and that is because I have once again been amazed over just how well my little secret works.
Yesterday, my entire cheek was full with pimples and today, they are pretty much gone.

I have very sensitive skin, that cannot really seem to decide whether it is more on the dry or on the oily side and I've always been in the dilemma that if I wash my face (with a face-wash) every day, it dries out and rashes up (and gets SUPER oily!), and if I wash it every other day, I get acne (and dry skin).
And sometimes even the face-wash doesn't help prevent it.

I used to try a lot from standard products up to all natural alternatives but nothing has worked as well as my holy grail!

We over-treat our skin.

(same goes for our hair but that's something for another post maybe)

First we use a face-wash and maybe even a toner) to get rid of all oils on the outer layer, then we add a cream to get those oils back. For me, this is once again a typical example of the beauty industry creating a problem where there is none. 
Our skin a system that works on its own and the more we fiddle with it, the more it starts to get out of balance.
It also creates a lot of waste - and that's something I am not too fond of.

So once I found my little solution, not only did I go from producing a hardly even noteworthy amount of waste in a month, it also saves money, as it completely substitutes my face-washes, peelings, face-masks and sometimes even creams.

So what is it?

It is oatmeal. Yes the grainy breakfast oats. And used coffee-powder from my mum's coffee-machine.

My routine:
For days with a regular skin-situation

  1. I apply a hot damp wash-cloth to my face to warm it up and open up pores a wee bit
  2. Taking a small handfull of oats (I use quick-oats instead of rolled oats) and soaking them in a little bit of warm water until they become a slightly mushy consistency and apply it to my face just as one would apply peeling.
    The oats are supposed to be soft, but once or twice a week I add about a teaspoon of ground coffee, to have a peeling effect that even my overly sensitive skin enjoys :)
  3. If I've done the coffee-peeling, I wash it all off and then re-apply some pure oatmeal paste.
    Sometimes I leave it on as a mask.
  4. Washing it off with cool to cold water and gently patting my face dry. 
I usually don't use a cream afterwards, especially if I have acne going on, but if I for some reason still decide to do so, I use it very carefully an minimalistic. 

Over the past year, I have tried switching back to a regular face-wash just out of curiosity a few times and in the long run, it has always been disappointing on many levels. 

This has seriously restored my formerly extremely dry skin into a healthy complexion as well as managing my acne.
Nowadays the only outbursts I get are due to hormones, stress or being a little careless with what I eat.

I love exchanging things with homemade. more eco friendly alternatives and especially when it comes to my hygiene, I hardly ever buy anything that's not natural, heavily packaged or processed.

I hope you enjoyed this - wrote this in the hopes that maybe this will work just as well as it did for me with someone, who has been struggling as well for years to find a solution.

Lots of Elflove,
Elverynel ~

PS: When I started out, I could feel some results immediately, but started seeing them after about two to three weeks after my skin had gotten used to not being over-treated anymore thehe

Linking the first video I found on this with a clear instruction if you guys are more visual and want to see how it's done :)