Dienstag, 21. November 2017

Compliments that are based on throwing shade~

Lately I have come to think a lot of something that is pretty dear to me. 
What if we would stop complimenting and motivating each other by putting somebody else down?

It is a habit that I see a lot more often in women than in men (although that doesn’t mean they don’t do it too). It is not a secret I think, that females tend to get a lot more competitive amongst each other – I have seen it first hand at every tournament I participated in (and it was many) as well as when I look deep into myself.
It must be something, that is rooted deep into one’s subconscious mind and I am wondering where it is coming from. 

But seeing other women as a threat is not a good mindset to have.

If I were to count the amount of times a female friend has tried to lift my spirits (be it in regards to appearance, skills, or especially a boy I liked (and who I didn’t like alone)) by throwing some or quite a lot of shade onto another woman (“She looks like a rat”, “Her artworks are pretty terrible”, etc.), I wound need Hydra-fingers.

I just don’t like that.
It makes me feel very uncomfortable, it’s just not right and it doesn’t help anyone. My friends know how fast I can be to make them stop – I know it is good intentions, but I rather not get a motivational speech, than a speech like that. 
Tell me how and why I am great, not that somebody else is bad. 

Is it really a compliment or motivation when it is at the cost of somebody else? 
If anything, the only thing it doesn’t in my opinion is to surround yourself with negativity AND subconsciously lets you develop antipathy for another woman. It makes her a threat and an opponent immediately because you WILL compare yourself to her. (And in all honesty, I  don’t like being compared much in general) 

Instead, maybe it is a better approach to mind your own business and do your thing – and shine.

Why can we not build each other up in a more positive way that doesn’t include hating on the work or personality of another human being? 

Just a thought I wanted to get out there.

Montag, 13. November 2017

One series to bring them all and in the darkness bind them~

Middle Earth is going to be made a series and everybody is loosing it.
Am I really the only one who is actually a wee bit excited? 

Yes, I share the belief that no adaption will ever beat the books - and yes; maybe the Amazon adaption won't be as grand but what if it is? 
And most importantly, what if indeed it isn't - what is the worst that can possibly happen? 

Just because something *could* be bad, is not a reason for me to hate it for that very reason from the start.

I love Tolkien's books and you know what else I love? Talking about it to other people, hearing their interpretation of things Middle Earth and drowning myself in merchandise (thehehehehe) - and this new series will probably enable all of the above.
After all, what is a movie but an interpretation of a group of people - I am excited to see how they visualize it. 
I don't see this as a threat, more as a new chance to have the LotR hype be reborn and let younger generations see how absolutely epic and fantastic Tolkien's work is - and you can bet that this will have more people read his books - look at what happened with Game of Thrones - suddenly everybody had read it.
Also more Elves, armour and Elves. Enough said.

And if it is awful, then so be it - I can always pretend once more that "there has never been a tv adaption" like I did with the Hobbit. Seriously, there has never been one *winks* 
The only person I do feel bad for is the poor soul who is going to see it with me - either way, I think I will be quite the nightmare, switching from "OH THIS IS GRAAAAND LOOK AT-" to "THIS IS A DISGRACE *looses self in details* !! "  within seconds.
I'm pre-sorry already.

Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017

The cat news and the battle-plan~

 Because you guys keep asking and I have been avoiding it a wee bit: what is going on with my cat? The Ginnicat will have surgery in the first November days. 

He has quite a few polyps in his ear causing the infection and is balance problems and they require removal. During the surgery, his eardrum also has to be removed (yes, he will be deaf on one ear afterwards) and if everything goes fine, I can pick him up six hours later.
It goes without saying that this does make me nervous and that I don't want to talk about it too much, because talking about it means thinking about it and thinking about it means worrying about things I cannot influence.

Talk to the paw~

Lucky enough for me, I have the most fantastic people in my life, who not only are taking really good care of my nerves (seriously, I would not know what to do without you! <3), but quite some of them are also either veterinarians, veterinarian assistants or veterinarians in training, which means that quite a couple of people with the best intentions are coming together, to gather the best ideas and opinions for my cat's health. 

Because it will be a bit of a tricky (because I don't want to say risky)  procedure, I want to take extra care to ensure my little bean is at full strength once the day arrives.

He will be prepared like a prince for coronation.

From high calorie foods over vitamin supplements and giving him as much love as humanly possible - the battleplan is on and I am doing everything elvenly possible to make him feel loved and strong.
(Even if this means sleeping on a nasty mattress on the floor because because he cannot get up the bed with his balance issues and I don't want him to sleep alone).

I hope you guys are doing fine and I wish you a wonderful wonderful autumn evening with sparkle and magic~

Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2017

A blessing and a curse~

I have very mixed feelings about smartphones.

On the one hand, I love how certain things do become easier - such as being able to check public transport on the go, have things automatized - taking pictures even! 
The same time, I oftentimes feel like they end up creating even more work, more things to do, check, set and keep track of. And it pains me when I see everybody fiddling about with their phones on public transport.

Sometimes, it is just too tempting to get something done on the spot, even if it is something random like ordering a nifty cat toy online.

Today, my battery died a few seconds after leaving the house, so I got to have some involuntary phone-free time. To me personally, this it is not a big deal - but I know that for some people, being without a phone, even for the short span of a couple of hours, is already stressful.

Why is that? 

What are we missing out on?
Putting the one case where an urgent call is awaited aside (I mean how often does that really happen when a phone runs out of juice), why is the thought of being without one of those things so irritating?

My guess, is that most people don't know what to do with themselves if all of a sudden browsing through social media/internet or chatting is not an option anymore.
I notice it sometimes in conversations that, not long after there is a short moment of silence, somebody takes their phone out and starts checking notifications.

Staying so connected at all times, that we start living more in the virtual surroundings of others than actually pay attention to what is going on around us

I challenge you to keep track of how often you are reaching for your phone for a day or so.
And then assess how often it was actually necessary. 

When you learn to handle silence, you start to live in the moment.

Montag, 9. Oktober 2017

Why not be an earth warrior? | How comfort and laziness are slowly killing the environment~

Sometimes the fact that we live in a time and age where mindlessly creating waste is a common encounter really gets to me. 

This isn't even about things like buying new clothes every season, the endless amount of plastic packagings of our toiletries or food going to waste in the fridge because we forgot about  it.

It is just about items that serve one purpose: being used one time and then thrown away. 

It is in the simple things: out of comfort we make our daily choices, oftentimes not even realizing when this actually means in the big picture: plastic cutlery is chosen over bringing one's own fork and knife from home for lunchtime, wet wipes replace washcloths because it is more convenient, a new plastic bag is purchased for groceries every single time instead of bringing a re-useable one in the first place, sample-packagings being handed out to people in the streets, coffee to go in a one-use mug every morning because who wants to bring a bulky mug int heir bag? - I could go on about this for ever! It truly breaks my heart.

Shockingly, about half of the plastic produced worldwide goes into single use items.

There are so many ways to avoid this kind of garbage, and all it takes is some effort. But sadly for quite many, this is already too much.
Beating our own laziness, getting out of the plastic castle that is our comfort zone and start making a difference! So many people want to be warriors nowadays, why not start out with being an earth warrior?

I am at a point where I am refusing single use items most of the time and getting creative when I don't  or can't (i.e. collecting the plastic bags I at some point got or bought in a drawer to re-use them as a garbage bag or to cover my desk when painting, etc.).
That being said, when I go grocery shopping and for some reason forgot my cotton bag, if I can somehow manage, I will even go as far as to carry my groceries home in my bare arms - it serves as a grand reminder to be more prepared next time.

~*What is an item you think you could go without to create less waste?*~