Montag, 17. Juli 2017

Multiple Choice Part two: Let's be friends~


After reading through LOADS of constructive input, doing a lot of personal research; I've come up with a plan that I believe is going to help me improve in taking multiple choice tests.
A huge huge THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to comment or write me a message with their tips and tricks and personal strategies; your help was so appreciated and the overall compassion about MC in general was just overwhelming!

Here is what I am going to do and hopefully later this year I will be able to report success:

  1. Pin pointing keywords more accurately
    To make this easier for me, I am going to gather them all in one place - e.g on one page in my notebook and just to be safe will feature every word that I feel like is specific or foreign
  2. Thinking more specific and straight rather than in circles (oh boy, that will be so hard!)
    Every time I think "well technically...." during an exam, I'll try ask or ignore that answer D would be true under specific circumstances.
  3. Studying a little more towards learning by heart rather than exclusively by understanding 
    This one  I thought would be hard, but I actually came up with something veeeery nifty and personally helpful: Using the record function on my phone to read a specific and short summary (or lists) to myself that I can listen to again while travelling about and so on. Already tried this for the last test (the one I missed out on because the Elf was too brain dead to keep "starting-" and "ending time"apart - I wish I'd be kidding...) and it really turned out a sustainable approach. Still remember most things and it's almost a month later. 
  4. Trying to make continuous studying a habit
    Something I have tried a lot, but usually dismiss after a month. I think I've just had the wrong motivation, something that was not AS important as what drives me now.
    Plus, I set myself some NASTY personal messages for the Forest app (with which I document my studying plus: eventually you can spend the few credits your get from every spent hour on planting an actual tree, how cool!) The kinds of messages that really guilt trip me into doing something and pushing a bit more beyond my limits thehe
  5. Success.
If you haven't seen my last post with all the wonderful tips on this matter, you can click here and it will magically appear.

Something else that I believe is very handy for this matter (but I've actually already been doing that) is to make silly doodles and / or little phrases that make you remember things easy. Doesn't have to make any sense, just trigger your brain :)

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday and a magical week - I am now back to working and making Viking garments~

Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

Multiple Choice, Multiple Choice...why can we not be friends?

I was going to write a very positive blogpost this week, about how I felt like I had finally managed to get over with this one obstacle I have been facing ever since I started university.
And then I failed the two related tests that I had been studying for two months and have been very confident to pass and it felt a little hypocritical. Quite a bit hypocritical actually.

So instead of sharing my experiences that have changed my life for the better, let us talk about something I have not been able to change yet and maybe learn from each other.

I cannot say what exactly it is, but Multiple Choice has always been a problem for me.
Now, MC is not MC - I have had two very easy tests of said format during my Uni time, but the rest was "very difficult" to "my personal nightmare".
I study a lot and I love it. Now I'd love it even more if the outcome were more rewarding

I love studying though. I go to a test, knowing I am prepared for an A+(+?) in an oral or written exam and walk out with an F  because something went wrong. And that can be tough to deal with and first and foremost - very frustrating.

I yet have to find out what this something is and how to fix it.

MC questions tend to confuse me a lot. I do not think straight forward, but keep every possibility into consideration and connect things a lot in my head* - great for Maths and Nature Sciences, not so great for these kinds of tests.
Example: A company with a bakery certificate is entitled to do:
A...          B....
C:...         D: perform confectionery business.

While I know B and C are correct, I have to ask if D, confectionery refers to a different business area, because bakeries also sell sweet goods like pies and TECHNICALLY speaking.....I think you get what I mean.

I don't think this is the root of the problem - there is probably also something wrong in the way I learn which is what has been shown to be THE most efficient way for said oral or written test but apparently not so much for MC.

Since I have set the goal to get rid of this issue over the summer, I am now asking  you to share your personal tactics that work for you when approaching a test like that. :)

~*What are your tips and tricks to face Multiple Choice like a pro?*~

Hope you're all having a wonderful week~
Lots of Elfloce,

*Little anecdote from school: Was once asked to make a  30 min mindmap, teacher regretted fast because it ended up being a load of stuff squeezed onto two pages and INSANE. Accurate and on point, but still insane. Not so much that I wrote everything that came to mind, but that I started to connect things from outside class or from other classes. Edit: Never had to do a mindmap again.

Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2017

Everything wrong with pockets on women's clothes~

You know what really irritates me? The lack of pockets in female clothing.

This is an issue that has become a lot worse over the last years - when I look at my mother's old pants, they had pockets so deep, women of today can only dream of.
It ranges from very tiny pockets (where one cannot even fit their hand, let alone anything else in), FAKE pockets (what even??) and not pockets at all.

I even notice this in my work uniform where the jacket for females lacks the typical inside- and front pocket, like you would expect it. I've seen one woman wearing a blazer with a front pocket but it turned out to be fake.
Even my pants have pockets in a way that it is pretty much impossible to put anything in them without fearing to loose it.
To be honest, I cannot even put my ID, my inhaler OR my wallet into any of my pockets, so it comes very in handy to have a guy at your side to store them for you - on top of their phone, wallet, ID, keys, etc.

Why is that, though?

To be honest, I can only think of disadvantages:
  • Always having to bring a bag (which also gives you neck pain AND makes you a better target for theft - plus pulls your skirt up when you are wearing one)
  • Not being able to warm / rest your hands
  • Ever wondered why women bring their bag to the toilet? If you put your phone into your back pocket, chances are you'll flush it down the toilet when you sit down, putting it into the front pocket, chances are it will fall out and break. Fantastic.
  • We have to come up with stupid ways to have our stuff on us >> money/phone in bra/boot/stocking
 I did have a good idea to combat this though: I am going to sew my pockets bigger from the inside by attatching extra fabric.
Sadly, man-shorts, which used to be my go-to before puberty are no longer an option when you have curves.

Maybe one day, we will experience what it is like to have pockets so deep, water bottles can be transported in them or pants with 7+ pockets including specific holders for pens which is something I always marvel at.

Dienstag, 30. Mai 2017

The little lies told to not get sh*t done.~

 "Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday."
~Don Marquis

Out of  the "seven deadly sins", sloth is the one I am most guilty of. Over the years I have perfected my techniques of procrastination up to a point where - if it weren't for a lot of self-reflection and working on contra-procrastination-methods - I wouldn't get anything done at all.

To be fair, some of my little excuses my mind comes up with to justify doing something else or nothing productive at all are really good - much like a fish wiggling it's way out of a net. Once I realized what my mind was doing, I decided to take control, analyze those justifications and then understand that they are no true obstacle.
I've tried to compile a list featuring excuses that I tend to use, but also some, that I think everyone can relate to up t a certin extent:

  1. I don't have time.
    Whilst it is true that some of us are busier than others, we all have the same amount of hours in a day. If you don't have time for something, then truly it is not important enough for you to prioritize it (because we still do have time for things like strolling about on the internet or the tv, don't we? *winks*)
  2. Just this once.
    It usually doesn't stay with "just one more chapter", "just five more minutes of break" or "one more sponful of pudding although you are allergic but oh it tastes so nice." I usually combat this one by setting very strict schedules for myself, for when I want to get things done, measured by either time (25min studying, 5min break, repeat) or by content (summarizing one set of slides, 5min break, repeat). Writing it down helps a lot and you are more likely to actually stic to it than if you plan is just inside your head.
  3. This is okay, because....
    This one is an upgraded version of excuse No2. Whilst with "Just this once" you are aware that you kind of shouldn't be doing something, "this is okay because..." takes it to the next level by finding some form of justification as to why it is alright. Sometimes this justification is so called "bullshit-knowledge" that you make up yourself or are willing to believe if it serves your cause (although deep down you know it's not true - like "it is scientifically much more effective to study for 15 mins and then have 1hr break because in these 15mins I get more stuff done because I am mor focused").
    Taking the shortcut is usually already a warning sign for procrastination (unless it is reallyyy more productive, then by all means!), but if you are not willing to check if this shortcut is actually more productive, that is when you know you are lying to yourself.
  4. I'll do it tomorrow / when the new semester starts / when I have my new car / ...
    No you won't.

    Sometimes it is motivation boosting to mimick a fresh start by actually starting with something new on a time that we associate with new beginnings, like new year, mondays, new moons, etc. However, it is important to define, wether you just want to buy yourself some extra time (and possibly keep postponing your work), or if setting a certain time for a new beginning actually serves a personal purpose for you (and if maybe you can start already anyways, because then you will have a wee headstart at the time you wanted to begin in the first place *puts on sunglasses*)

  5. I can't do it.
    It is quite crazy how often we don't get things done because we already expect failure or because we know it's hard. When that is already certain, it is even more important to begin on time. Breaking the big goal into small pieces that are doable is a nifty strategy, as well as making a plan where you can keep track of your process.
    And I know it's said too often by everyone, but try to think positive. It might seem hard now, but that goes for everything we have yet to learn and accomplish.
  6. This is SO important right now.
    Doing something else you should have done instead of doing what you are supposed to do right now. Enough said.
  7. Just not starting at all.Let's be real. Most of the times, something fails, because we don't even begin. This one ties in a little bit into No4, but not as a rule.
    It is always better to do a bare minimu that seems pathetic, than nothing at all. If you go running for two minutes every day, that is already more than if you didn't go out at all and chances are you will keep doing it for longer than just those two minutes anyways :)

~*What do you think? Did I miss one? (And can you guess which excuses I tend to use?)*~

Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

Life often seems perfect on social media~

Greetings my dearest readers,

Social media can be loads of fun, I very much enjoy sharing some wee its and bits and pieces of my life with you and seeing some sniplets of other wonderful souls appear on my very own dashboard, but it can be so easy to forget that is is just that: pieces.

Today I came across quite the thought-provoking video, that you shall find at the very endof this post.~ 
 I would  be super interested though, how many photos actually look like this *thinks*
It is very important to me, personally, to be honest and genuine with the people around me and that also includes my followers. But nevertheless - and I have written about this already in the past - I do not share everything.
Just like with everybody else, I have negative things happening in my life as well - and it is on purpose, that I keep most of them to myself. Most of the time,it just doesn't hold enough relevance to me, to focus my energy on posting about it. And to be honest, I am not someone who is easily pissed off about the regular annoyances of life or who stays annoyed for long enough to compose something for the internet *laughs*.

Every now and then though, it is important to remind people, that nobody is perfect and that what can be found on social media, is only what we decide to share, so it will always remain but a fragment of the complexity, that is one's life.

What are your thoughts on this and have you ever caught yourself envying somebody else's life online?